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101 Strategies True Health Empowerment Healing by R Wood

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Serious health issues are on the rise around the world, damaging individuals and their families and costing our communities billions of dollars. What's more, current health practices seem to be not only ineffective but also dangerous to our bodies. It is clear that this destructive pattern must be stopped.

In this guide, author Robyn Wood presents a different approach through the new science of epigenetics, quantum physics, and an understanding of the world of energy that affects us all. Wood dissects the twelve most common categories of health issues and offers succinct strategies addressing these health challenges. 101 Strategies for True Health and Empowerment can help both health-care practitioners seeking to give value-added services to their clients or patients and individuals looking for an easy-to-use self-help reference on personal growth and healing, providing:

  • a greater understanding on the causes of health imbalances and how to address them
  • an expanded consciousness and greater empowerment
  • greater self-love and connectedness

This compilation of self-help strategies invites you on an authentic journey toward an expanded consciousness, helping you find within yourself the power to heal and knowledge of the magnificence of your true self.