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Eco Soulife 5 Compartment Serving Tray 2pc / Pack

MSRP: $5.00
(You save $1.60 )
KIK - WSR19-1010

Tray made of wheat waste and bamboo pulp.
Disposable & Home compostable

Size Diameter 35 cm
Weight 140 grams per 2pc pack
Includes   2x Compartment Tray

Harvest Material

Made from wheat straw waste!
Raw materials include:
Wheat straw cane, bamboo pulp & sugarcane. Natural colours
No wax or plastic coating.

Home Compostable

Purchasing harvest products aid in the removal of usual burning practice which causes pollution, it also supports farmers by using wasted wheat straw which also contributes to economic growth of the community.

Our products are designed to biodegrade when buried or left behind in nature.
The lack of oxygen, changes in weather and build-up of bacteria cause the reaction to begin.