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Abode Cleaning Products Dishwashing Liquid Ginger and Lemongrass 600ml


Abode Cleaning Products Dishwashing Liquid Ginger and Lemongrass 615ml


Abode Cleaning Products presents Ginger and Lemongrass dishwashing liquid which is a powerful cleaning agent that is made of all natural Ingredients. It contains plant extracts, essential oils and glycerin that make it absolutely safe for your family and is gentle for your hands. It is formulated to have minimum impact on the environment and is completely devoid of harsh chemicals. This natural concentrate has a mild and refreshing smell of ginger.

HEALTH Benefits

  • Safe for the family
  • Does not leave chemical residues
  • Hygienic
  • Smells good
  • Powerful cleaning

Suggested Usage

Pour the concentrated formula directly into the dishwasher or apply directly or diluted to the scrubbing sponge for effective cleaning.


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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Product Attributes

  • No nasty chemicals
  • Grey water safe
  • Up to 100 washes
  • High performance
  • Environment friendly
  • Made in Australia


 Water, alkylpolyglucosides (derived from coconut, wheat and corn and found in high end personal care products), sodium coco sulphate (derived from coconut oil), sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from coconut oil), citric acid (food grade), sodium citrate (food grade), glycine extracts (amino acids) and pure lemongrass and ginger essential oils.