Acai Bowl 240gr By Matakana Superfoods

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Acai Bowl 240gr By Matakana Superfoods

Traditional Brazilian Breakfast


Originating in Brazil from the Acai Palm, acai berries are a magnificent fruit that can boost energy, cleanse the body and help protect against disease. With a taste likened to that of a blueberry-dark chocolate mix and power packed with B vitamins, essential acids and antioxidants the popularity of acai berry is ever increasing.

Made in NZ from imported ingredients, Matakana’s Superfoods Acai Bowl 240g is a wonderful addition to the kitchen pantry. This product comes as a pre-mixed base ready to be made into a delicious Brazilian style breakfast for the whole family. Simply combine a generous amount of Acai Bowl Premix with your favourite milk and a banana and blend until thick and creamy. Then pour the mix over granola and muesli, top with fresh fruit or your favourite healthy topping and you are ready to eat! Reseal the pouch and refrigerate to maximise shelf life.

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