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Acai Freeze Dried Organic 50g Riolife

  • Acai Freeze Dried Organic 50g Riolife

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RIOLIFE Acai Freeze Dried Organic 50g - Buy Online


RIOLIFE Acai Freeze Dried Organic on Sale



Premium 100% organic wild harvested acai powder. No additives, no nasties. 25 day supply.



Australia's original acai company RioLife provides the highest quality organic NuBerry Acai, a variety of acai that has a proven antioxidant capacity up to 7 times greater than competing acai products. RioLife Acai is: - 100% Certified organic acai- nothing added! - Very high ORAC count (antioxidants) in excess of 4,000 units per 2g serve - Wild harvested & Amazon Friendly - Low Gi – less than 2% sugar! - Preservative Free - Gluten, lactose and GMO free - Vegetarian & vegan Friendly



RioLife premium acai powders give you ultimate control and versatility when incorporating acai as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. They are: - Great for diabetics or those concerned about sugar intake - Flexible – adjust your daily serving based on your body & lifestyle requirements - A great addition to your post workout shake to aid recovery - Recommended for those who like variety Acai is regarded as one of nature's most complete, nutritionally dense food you will find. Acai has: - More antioxidant capacity than any fruit on earth - Very Low GL (Glycaemic Load)- less than 2% sugar - Dietary fibre to assist with cholesterol absorption, and helping to keep you feeling fuller for longer - Essential fatty acids- omegas 3, 6 & 9 for a glowing complexion and a healthy heart, as well as a slow release of energy to keep you sustained through the day - Vitamins minerals and phytonutrients, including vitamin E, iron, calcium and magnesium, which may help prevent disease and keep your body performing at optimum levels There are many reasons to include acai as part of a healthy diet. Some reasons may include: - To combat free radical damage and inflammation - For increased energy and vitality - To add fruit into a diet where sugar intake is a concern - For improved mental clarity and focus - To enhance athletic performance and assist with recovery - in conjunction with a healthy weight loss program - To increase dietary fibre, vitamins and mineral intake - As part of a healthy lifestyle



100% Certified Organic Freeze Dried Acai.

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