Acure Foil-Time Fortifying Silver Foil Mask 20ml

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Acure Foil-Time Fortifying Silver Foil Mask 20ml


Acure foil time fortifying silver foil mask 20 ml is a mask that traps heat to open the pores for superior serum to get injected with niacinamide glacial glycoproteins. This will make you  look rejuvenated and refreshed but while it’s on you will look like a villain or people might say a foil man or something of the sort.


  • Contains niacinamide
  • Contains gycoproteins
  • For all skin types

Suggested usage:

Apply the foil gently all around your face  as a mask and see the different you.

Product attributes:

100% vegan

0% pretentious

Paraben free

Sulphate free

Mineral oil free

Petrolatum free

Silicone free

Cruelty free