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African Black Soap

African Black Soap

African Black Soap - Not your regular soap

African black soap is not only an amazing type of soap; it can also provide many benefits to those who use it regularly. Made from a traditional African formula and African-sourced ingredients, this soap is fair trade and sustainable practices are used to produce it. This is the ultimate soap since it can be used on all skin types and it can make your skin look healthier and radiant.

Black African Soap Benefits

Used for the protection and moisturization of the skin, the African black soap range has several benefits to offer. Let’s have a look at only some of them.


  1. Natural and Sustainable - Handmade produced from African plant-based ingredients, the soap is pure and it is not animal-tested. Anyone who supports sustainable production and prefers non-synthetic soaps, then this is the product for you.
  2. Skin Conditions – Oil-based ingredients such as coconut oil that are included in the making of this soap can help reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and skin pigmentation. It can also fight against acne. Inflammation is the main cause of acne and so soap can reduce inflammation by providing a variety of vitamins into the skin.
  3. One-fits-all – This is perfect for all since it can soothe and protect all skin types while balancing skin oil production.
  4. Skin Oil Balance – The soap’s ability to balance skin oil production
  5. Disinfectant properties – Its natural ingredients provide disinfectant abilities and can replace any chemically-induced antibacterial products that are available in the market.

African Black Soap Australia

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