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Agar Agar 75g by Lotus

Agar Agar - What you need to know

Agar is an underwater plant – seaweed - that was found to be a natural alternative to gelatin. As we all know, gelatin is produced out of various animal body parts. It is this flavorless ingredient that is available either in a powder form or as square-ish sheets. But who would want to have desserts made of animal parts? That is why Agar-Agar is slowly replacing the ‘animal’ gelatin by being its plant-based alternative.

Agar Agar, also known as agar-agar originates from Red Algae or commonly known as red seaweed. It has no odor or flavor and can be found in Asian Markets or Organic Stores in different forms.

It is usually used in cakes, jelly, jams or desserts in general due to its ability to act as a thickening agent.

Lotus Agar Agar Powder

Lotus is proud to introduce its own gelatin substitute - the Agar Agar powder which is actually produced in Japan and packaged in Australia. You will get it in a re-sealable bag to keep out oxygen and preserve its freshness. Using the powder agar is much easier than any other kind since it is much easier and quicker to dissolve in comparison to the other forms of agar that are available in the market.

Agar Agar powder is also used in molecular gastronomy as a thickening agent. It is easy to use and adapt in your desserts, soups, creams and anywhere you need a gelling agent. Use the same portions as you would with gelatin powder. Make sure to dissolve the agar powder completely for smoother results. Use heat for better results.

What’s even more exciting is that there is no need to refrigerate after using agar agar in recipes. It can thicken in a room temperature.

Agar is vegan since it is pant-based and it is free from gluten, soy, nuts, yeast, dairy.

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