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Alps Replacement Mineral Stones

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UN - AW04

Alps Replacement Mineral Stones 


The Alps Mineral stones play a vital role in the 10-stage water filtration process. These mineral stones are involved in the 8th stage of the filtration process. The nano silver particles are removed to reduce bacteria that keeps your water fresh, alkaline and mineralised.


  • Assures long health and better life.
  • Provides consistent supply of clean and clear water.
  • Rich in mineral stones that purify water.
  • Purifies the water.

Suggested Usage

It is suggested to place the Alps mineral stones in boiling water for 5 mins for sterilization purpose and then place it outside it in sun to dry properly.

Spread the mineral stones uniformly to seal the bottom area of the lower tank (SPL-8). Repeat this process every 6 months for optimum mineral replacement.