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Alter Eco Dark Sea Salt Chocolate

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Alter Eco, Dark Sea Salt Chocolate 80g


  • Cacao Beans.
  • Raw Cane Sugar.
  • Cacao Butter.
  • Fleur de sel


Try the great delicious rich bold salty sweet Dark Sea Salt Chocolate by Alter Eco to make your taste buds dance along the sweetness and rich creamy silky texture. This perfect chocolate treat is a tasty combination of Swiss crafted dark chocolate with 100% pure and natural Sea Salt (fleur de sel). You will never forget the crunch of this mouthwatering Ecuadorian Cacao perfectly balanced by pure fleur de sel.


  • Alter Eco Dark Sea Salt Chocolate is free from any artificial chemicals or emulsifiers, all Ingredients used in it are certified organic and are 100% pure and natural thus making it delicious and healthy.
  • It is rich in antioxidants and protect the body against free radicals or cancer causing substances.
  • It contain lower LDL so it does not contribute to increased cholesterol level.
  • It also high in its minerals contents and thus helps the body in proper functioning.
  • Sea Salt is rich is its Iodine contents thus prevents the development of goiter and other iodine deficiency related issues.


Key Attributes Of Alter Eco Dark Sea Salt Chocolate:

  • Certified Organic.
  • Dairy Free.
  • Vegetarian.
  • Vegan Friendly.
  • Fair Trade.
  • No Soy.
  • No GMO.
  • No Emulsifier.
  • No Artificial Flavor.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Cacao: 70% minimum.
  • Organic Ingredients: 99.5%.
  • Fair Trade Certified Ingredients: 100%

Experience the great taste of this delicious and chocolicious pure and natural Alter Eco Snack. You can easily order it from BuyOrganicsOnline at reasonable price.