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Aluminium Free Deodorant

Aluminium Free Deodorant

Aluminium free deodorant

While we all love smelling great, it is crucial to do so using an aluminum free deodorant. Many consumers are advocates for perspirants and deodorant products that contain aluminium and this is less than ideal for health and vitality. This is because the application of aluminium has been linked to many serious health issues including kidney issues, bone disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and even breast cancer. It is therefore essential to use a product that eliminates the likelihood of developing such health issues.

The best aluminium free deodorant benefits

There are several great benefits that come from using aluminium free deodorant. The best benefits for applying these products include:

  • It may lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease – Research has shown a strong correlation between Alzheimer’s and high use of aluminum. Anything that a consumer can do to reduce the risk of developing such a horrible disease is highly advantageous.
  • It is better for breastfeeding mothers – As a mother, the breastfeeding process means that anything you are placing into or onto your body can be passed onto your child. This means that the dangerous toxins in aluminum present in natural deodorants would also be passed onto your baby.
  • It can remove the smell, not just mask it – While many anti-perspirants mask the smell over the course of the day, natural deodorants can prevent bacteria from forming which is often the cause of smelly odour.
  • It can improve overall skin health – The use of skincare products that contain dangerous chemicals can lead to dry and chaffed skin, and other damaged skin conditions. Switching to a natural product will avoid this.
  • It is cruelty free and vegan friendly – The beauty of such products means that, in almost all cases, they are not tested on animals and contain no animal byproducts.

Aluminum free deodorant Australia

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