Amazonia Organic Acai Powder 280G

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Organic Acai Powder 280g by Amazonia - Buy Online

Organic Acai Powder 280g by Amazonia


Havested from the Amazon rainforest and freeze-dried in Australia, Amazonia Organic Acai Powder is a 280g packaged product that is a perfect addition to a healthy breakfast menu. The value in this product stems from the wonderful qualities contained within the acai berry. This incredible little fruit possesses an abundance of antioxidants, over 30 times as many as found in other berries and is loaded with high levels of B vitamins. The value of acai berry includes:


  • As an immune booster loaded with 17 principle minerals.
  • High in healthy fats and low in sugar means that it is a wonderful addition to a healthy diet whereby getting enough fat without overloading on sugar may be difficult.
  • Can assist in repairing and regenerating moisture in the skin
  • The antioxidants in acai can detoxify fat cells thus aiding weight loss.
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