Amazonia Organic Acai Powder 700G

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Organic Acai Powder 700g by Amazonia - Buy Online

Organic Acai Powder 700g by Amazonia


Now in a supersized 700g resealable bag, Amazonia’s Organic Acai Powder is a terrific product with many nutritional benefits for those looking to live a healthier existence. This product is created by harvesting acai berries in the Amazonian rainforest, then freeze-drying these berries in Australia in below 40-degree Celsius conditions to maximise nutritional benefit. The result is Amazonia’s Organic Acai Powder which can then be spread or sprinkled over your yoghurt, smoothies or cereals to provide significant nutritional value.

The benefit of this purple-reddish fruit lies in the large number of antioxidants that it possesses. The value in consuming food high in antioxidants is that it can boost energy, reduce stress and fatigue and help deliver the individual with a more comfortable night’s sleep. Add to this, that the presence of omega 3 and Iodine can help boost brain functioning and memory development in young children and you have a wonderful superfood that is of tremendous value to the whole family.

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