Amazonia Purple Rice Protein Vanilla & Acai 450G

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Amazonia Purple Rice Protein Vanilla & Acai 450G - Buy Online

Amazonia Purple Rice Protein Vanilla & Acai 450G


This unique product is the first of its kind, sourced from purple rice and loaded with fibre and high in protein. Vegan-friendly, certifiably organic and packed with nutrition, Amazonia Purple Rice Protein and Vanilla possesses a rich berry flavour which looks wonderful when blended into a smoothie or milk shake. With a tremendously high number of antioxidants this product is a healthy choice for the whole family to enjoy.

 The secret of this product is the combination of purple rice and acai. This provides the customer with a high protein source that has all the benefits contained within the acai berry. This means that the purchaser receives a product that supports an active lifestyle due to the energy boost that acai provides in addition to the reduction in stress and fatigue. Furthermore, the presence of anthocyanins fights free radicals thus protecting against disease.

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