Amazonia Raw Protein Paleo Fermented Vanilla Lucuma 1kg

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Amazonia Raw Protein Paleo Fermented Vanilla Lucuma 1kg


Raw Paleo Fermented Protein by Amazonia in Vanilla And Lucuma flavor is a sustainable and paleo friendly protein designed to meet all the requirements of nutrition following a paleo diet. This superfood formula combines fermented and sprouted seeds like chia, sunflower, flaxseed and the plant based greens uinoa, spirulina, sweet potato which are fermented too. The cultured protein blend has  an optimal bioavailibity to treat digestive problems and ensure better absorption.


This awesome protein blend is highly beneficial as a comprehensive nutritious diet as it is mild on the digestive system.

The cultured, fermented and sprouted greens and grain free food gets easily absorbed by the body and circulates through entire body to benefit every organ in a way.

It is high in iron, phosphorous and zinc and regular consumption of it enhances metabolism of the body while making it strong and healthy.

Effective in reducing gut inflammation issues and digestive issues.


Mix 3 tablespoons  of protein with 1 glass of water or any dairy free milk/ drink. Children above the age of 11 should consume half of an adult's protein intake. It is suggested to do physical exercise and increase water intake in conjunction with the protein consumption.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding or people taking medications must consult a physician before taking this. 


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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•        Certified organic
•        Organic ingredients
•        Dairy free, gluten free
•        Sulphate free
•        Vegan and cultured
•        Vegetarian
•        1kg


Fermented Paleo Wholefood Protein Blend (Sprouted & Fermented Golden Pea Protein*, Sacha Inchi*, Fermented Spirulina*, Fermented Spinach*, Fermented Sweet Potato*, Fermented Pumpkin Seed*, Fermented Sunflower Seed*, Fermented Flaxseed*, Fermented Millet*, Fermented Quinoa* & Fermented Chia* [<0.05% molasses added for the fermentation process]), Natural Vanilla & Organic Lucuma Blend (Natural Vanilla Flavour, Lucuma Fruit*, Stevia Leaf Extract). *Certified Organic.