Amenas Sea Minerals Daily Boost 250ml

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Amenas Sea Minerals Daily Boost 250ml


Amenas offers you this naturally formed Australian ocean minerals blending with a group of useful herbs to immunise your body. This daily-boost resolution is made in antioxidants, macro, and minimum minerals. This beneficial health supplement is loaded with varied ocean minerals and metallic element made to keep your energy levels going.


  • Great for athletes to regain their energy levels.
  • Enhances brain functioning in kids.
  • Helps in pregnancy and boosts immunity.
  • Works well for regenerating the dead-cells in your body.


Avoid consuming in full-dose as it may have some side effects. Suggested to consume little quantity initially, and then gradually increase the level.


  • Natural product with no parabens.
  • Rich in magnesium and other traces of minerals.
  • Made safe and no artificial ingredients.


Key ingredients included in the product are Vitamins and Supplements, Magnesium and Multiminerals.