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Amenas Sea Minerals Hawthorn 250ml


Amenas Sea Minerals Hawthorn 250ml


Amenas brings to you the goodness of sea minerals with a unique combination of Carica Papaya and Hawthorn, which is prevalent in European countries and has a great therapeutic value. This is an official Australian product developed to provide good health. Great tonic that regulates the circulatory system and maintains the blood pressure.


  • Made out of safe and concentrated sea minerals, free of salt that ensures good health.
  • Holds anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antibacterial properties, which is good for immunity boosting.
  • Rich in Hawthorn that acts as a sedative to alleviate hypertension.

Suggested Usage

Blend and dilute the solution with water and drink it. For adults, suggested to consume only one spoon per day and for children below 12 years suggested to consume 5 drops per day.

Product Attributes

  • Made safe and Cruelty free.
  • Free of parabens and artificial chemicals.


Key Ingredients included in the product are Vitamins and Supplements, Magnesium, Hawthorn and Carica Papaya.