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Aromamatic Vapouriser Electric Coral Shape Black (2inOne)


Aromamatic Vapouriser Electric Coral Shape Black (2inOne)

PRODUCT Description

This Aromamatic two in one ideal electric vaporizer is a pleasant choice to enjoy the Benefits of aromatherapy. Made from essential oils, this coral shaped black vaporiser is uniquely designed in a way to be used on any surface, as only the recessed area releases heat, leaving the remaining part of the body cool.


  • Noise-free
  • Prevents blistering
  • Provides a calming atmosphere to relax.
  • Ensures safety with the insulated ceramic base
  • Features temperature control.

Suggested Usage

  • Plug the vaporizer to an efficient power supply and switch it on.
  • Add 10 drops of essential oils to the recessed bowl of the vaporizer.

Product Attributes

  • Made safe for children
  • Provides great ambience.
  • Easy to maintain.

Authentic Australian product.