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Aromamatic Vapouriser Electric White (Essential Oils)


Aromamatic Vapouriser Electric White (Essential Oils)

PRODUCT Description

Rejoice the world of aromatherapy brought to you by this two in one deluxe electric vaporiser offered by Aromamatic, Australia. This vaporiser is an ideal one to purify the air and designed to provide safety and peace of mind to the body and soul. Made from essential oils or wax melts, the vaporiser is suitable on any surface and the body remains cool always.


  • Useful in congestion relief.
  • Safe to operate, even when unchecked.
  • Free of naked flames.
  • Avoids overheating.

Suggested Usage

  • Simply plug the device to a standard electric power outlet.
  • Wait for some time to reach the full operating temperature.
  • Then add your favourite essential oil blend or wax tarts to the recessed bowl, as directed.

Product Attributes

  • Made safe.
  • Reliable Australian product.
  • Rich in natural aroma oils.

Good for health.