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Arrowroot Biscuits

What are arrowroot biscuits?

Arrowroot biscuits are a popular snack  choice for the health conscious. Made from arrowroot flour, the delicious tasting biscuits do not contain gluten and are very low in calories. Additionally, arrowroot contains high levels of several vitamin B including thiamine and niacin. Arrowroot flour is derived from the rhizome of the plant and the flour is extracted using traditional methods that do not involve intense heat.

Arrowroot was thought to be the food of foods by its traditional users- South American Indians and it was used extensively in their diet. Arrowroot biscuits are gluten free, grain free and suitable for vegan and paleo diets. They are said to aid digestion as well as being used in many baking recipes.

Uses and benefits of milk arrowroot biscuits

Arrowroot biscuits make a viable snacking alternative for vegans and are a favourite “dunking” biscuit with coffee or tea. Besides their taste and appeal as a biscuit, arrowroot biscuits are commonly used in many baking recipes, with crushed arrowroot biscuits  being particularly popular in slice and shortcake base recipes.

Parents have also found them to be most beneficial for teething babies. Arrowroot is gentle on the stomach and the biscuits are one way to introduce infants to solid foods.

Where to buy gluten free arrowroot biscuits

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