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Asafoetida Powder

Asafoetida Powder

What is asafoetida powder?

Asafoetida, sometimes called  hing, is a staple ingredient in many Indian dishes. Asafoetida powder is extracted from a herb known as ferula. It's distinctive flavours and aromas add spice and interest to many dishes. Not only does it have great culinary benefits it has been widely used in traditional Indian medicines for many years. It has antiviral anti-inflammatory antibacterial diuretic and sedative properties and for these reasons is referred often referred to as the food of the Gods. 

Benefits of asafoetida powder

 Asafoetida powder has both Health and Beauty benefits.

 the health benefits include: 

  • When used regularly asafoetida can help ease a range of stomach problems.  this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties contained within it which allow it to ease such conditions as irritable bowel syndrome flatulence gas and bloating.

  • May help to relieve respiratory problems such as bronchitis dry cough and asthma.  you can either mix-a-paste using the powder and water and apply it to your chest or make up a mixture of  asafoetida honey and dry ginger to be taken orally

  • May help to reduce blood pressure

  • May alleviate menstrual pain 

  • May  relieve headaches

The beauty benefits include:

  • When mixed with rose water and applied topically the anti-inflammatory properties may help relieve  acne 

  • When mixed with rose water and applied topically it may increase oxygen supply to facial tissues giving skin a glowing appearance.

Where to buy Asafoetida powder Australia can rely upon

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