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What is Asafoetida?


Difficult to spell and rare to find on supermarket shelves, many wonder what is asafoetida? It originates from dried sap that is collected from the roots and stems from a species of plant that belongs to the carrot family. Asafoetida is nowadays most commonly available as a fine powder that contains a combination of asafoetida resin, gum Arabic and rice flour.


It is also known by its Hindi name, hing. Sometimes referred to  as ‘food of the gods’ it produces a smooth savoury taste once cooked. The asafoetida plant is called the stinking gum due to its   pungent aroma.’. It can be found in either a brown gummy resin with a powerful aroma  or a yellow powder which is often combined with other ingredients like flour or turmeric. 

While it is mostly used as a cooking ingredient it also can be used for other purposes including as a digestion aid and to reduce flatulence. 


While not as widely known as pepper or curry, asafoetida use  is still common in Australia. It is a major ingredient in Indian style dishes and is a favourite  with vegetable meals but is also used to add flavour to  lamb or other meat dishes.

How to pronounce Asafoetida

The correct way to pronounce this spice is a-sa-FE-ti-duh.

How to use Asafoetida

Asafoetida is used  to great effect adding extra flavour to  savory dishes. It is regarded as a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine. You can expect to use it in many lentil based recipes with turmeric. It is commonly used in Dal.


What are the health benefits of Asafoetida?


There are some significant health advantages that come with consumption of this product. Some of the health benefits of asafoetida powder include:


  • It is a natural blood thinner. It is loaded with coumarin which is a compound that improves blood flow and can thin your blood thereby preventing clotting.

  • It can lower blood pressure. Scientific research has shown that asafoetida can provide cardiovascular benefits in the form of drastically reducing blood pressure.

  • It can reduce the effects of asthma. It acts as a respiratory stimulant by relieving chest congestion and releasing phlegm. This means that asthma sufferers and those with bronchitis and whooping cough can benefit greatly from its use.

  • It can treat irritable bowel syndrome. Asafoetida has been used in medicine to assists IBS sufferers that experience constipation, diarrhea and a bloated stomach.

  • It may be beneficial to those with diabetes. Studies have produced results showing that it can help maintain normal blood sugar levels. This is likely due to the presence of phenolic acids and tannins found in the product.

  • It is a great addition to a FODMAP diet. One of the major issues with people who require a FODMAP diet is finding approved foods that can be consumed safely. Asafoetida is 100% FODMAP diet-friendly.


Where to buy Asafoetida in Australia


If you’ve been asking where can I buy asafoetida powder in Australia, we have the answer. 

 You can buy Asafoetida in Australia at health food stores or online from a trusted store like Buy Organics Online. Don't delay, purchase Asafoetida powder and other great herbs and spices products from Buy Organics and adding it to the kitchen pantry today!

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