Ausganica Jojoba Carrier Oil 30ml

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Ausganica Jojoba Carrier Oil 30mL

Jojoba Vegetable Carrier Oil

Simmondsia chinensis

100% Certified Organic

Aroma: Light to medium in aroma, not as sweet as the nut oils. The aroma is distinct but pleasant.
Texture: Light and silky. Absorbs well.
Notes: Jojoba "oil" is actually a wax. It is a somewhat pricier oil and is frequently blended in a small dilution (10%) with other oils. It has a very long shelf-life and is very stable. It also has absorption properties similar to our own skin, and so is not likely to block pores.
Energetics: Jojoba brings nutrients and life to the skin and hair and is a wonderful conditioner. Try mixing your favorite essential oil with jojoba oil, and put a few drops in to your hair about an hour before shampooing. This will condition the hair follicles and the scalp, eliminating dandruff and allowing for strong, healthy, beautifully scented hair.