Citrus Rose Range

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Unique and refreshing Australian Biologika Citrus Rose range includes organic conditioner, citrus rose range shampoo, veggie cream, hand and body washes, soap bars and deodorant. Like all products from Australian Biologika their citrus rose products are all cruelty free, vegan friendly, environmentally responsible, certified organic products, not tested on animals, grey water safe and free from artificial chemicals and fragrances.

The Citrus Rose blend includes Organic Passion Flower Extract, Rose Geranium Pure Essential Oil, Organic Mandarin Red Oil and Organic Goji Berry Extract. All these quality, beautiful flavours compliment each other to form a floral, full bouquet, all contributing their own characteristics to benefit you and your family.

This beautiful, aromatic, pungent aroma has everything you need for an all over body and mind cleanse. Try it today!