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Lemon Myrtle Range

Lemon Myrtle Range

Australian Biologika Lemon Myrtle Range Products - Buy Online

Save On Australian Biologika Lemon Myrtle Range Organic Products

Australian Biologika Lemon Myrtle Range includes shampoo, lemon myrtle conditioner, hand and body washes, lemon myrtle veggie cream and deodorant. Like all products from Australian Biologika their lemon myrtle products are all cruelty free, vegan friendly, not tested on animals, environmentally responsible, certified organic, grey water safe and free from artificial chemicals and fragrances.

The Lemon Myrtle range is fragranced with the finest Lemon Myrtle Pure Essential Oil, which comes from its native growing region of south-eastern Queensland, Australia. Indigenous Australians have used this plant for eons, in both cooking and as a healer, and for good reason. This beautiful, clean, bush-scented plant is the highest antiseptic, antivirus and antifungal of all the Australian essential oils. It is also an anticonvulsant, analgesic, antiheumatic and an astringent. This all translates to it being beneficial for;

  • hair tonifying
  • treating sinus infections, bronchitis, flu, athletes foot, fatigue, depression, indigestion, headaches, itching and acne
  • strengthening the immune system
  • relieving spasms, fever and cramps
  • improving concentration,
  • encouraging better sleep and relaxation
  • and has anti-cancer properties.

Lemon Myrtle is a hidden gem native to this country. Why not give it try and enjoy this refreshing, citrus fresh scent in your own home.