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Australian Bush White Light Earth Essence 10ml


Australian Bush White Light Earth Essence 10ml


Helping to heal the internal structure and order in life, this grounding essence can prove very beneficial to those involved in Spiritual work. Allowing you to tune into the subtle realms and vibrations, the Earth Essence enables you to experience its strong connection, respect and reverence to nature, the Ancients, the Earth, the Life-force, life and even the origins of life itself.

Often used by Light Workers to help them find their drive, this Essence in turn can help you to feel centred, grounded and focused, so you can find your direction, move forward and escape your limitations.

Also known to establish a connection with the Manu of a country, the Earth Essence can help you to connect and feel the vibrational quality of the country, whilst allowing you to go beyond what you think you are capable of.

Take 7 drops morning and night by adding 7 drops to a bottle containing ¾ water and ¼ brandy.