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Avanta Premium Natural Whey Coconut sugar based Protein 270g

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KIK - AP1001

Avanta Premium Natural Whey Coconut sugar based Protein 270g - BB Sept 22

  • Enhance your muscle, health and wellbeing

  • All Natural - No artificial colours or preservatives

  • Our specialised ingredient... is coconut sugar!

  • This formula is one of the most trusted in the world


Muscle up - Lean Down

Whether you’re looking to burn fat or build mass, our protein supplementation can help you reap faster results.

Our unique formula assists with fat loss as well as muscle building, repair and maintenance.

Australian Made and Certified

Support our farmers and get healthy the Natural Whey. We pride ourselves on our 90% Australian sourced ingredients, the other 10% for the Protein Powder coming from coconuts not readily available in Australia.

Our formula contains 80% whey protein concentrate with natural flavours and sucralose. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

All ingredients are Halal and Kosher certified and GMO free.


Whey Protein, Organic certified coconut sugar, natural vanilla flavour.
Allergens: Contains milk derivatives.