Baby Bubble Bath 500ml By Ecostore

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Baby Bubble Bath 500 ml by Ecostore - Buy Online

Baby Bubble Bath 500ml by Ecostore


With an emphasis on protecting the health of man, woman, child and the environment, Ecostore aims provide society with products devoid of the toxic chemicals often found in similar products throughout Australian bathrooms and laundry’s.  Operating out of their NZ base, Ecostore operates with the intention of providing consumers with healthier products that are void of unnecessary chemicals and that work just as well as the more mainstream brands found through supermarkets across Australia.

Baby Bubble Bath by Ecostore comes in a 500ml bottle made of renewable sugarcane plastic, packaged with the environment in mind in order to reduce unnecessary waste by using recyclable material. This product is made from healthy plant-based ingredients and is fragranced with lavender and geranium. The plant-based ingredients contained within this product work to match the oils and amino acids found naturally in a babies’ skin and possesses conditioning agents to help keep their skin soft and smooth.   

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