Baby Shampoo 200ml By Ecostore

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Baby Shampoo 200ml By Ecostore


Understanding that the health of our babies is paramount, Ecostore operates with a high focus on providing consumers with only the most environmentally friendly, non-toxic products that money can buy. Created and operating out of New Zealand, this company is determined to create products for our children that avoid the harmful everyday chemicals often found in many mainstream baby products stocked on supermarket shelves. This mentality extends to packaging, with a focus on minimizing unnecessary waste by utilising materials that are fully recyclable.

Baby Shampoo by Ecostore comes in a 200ml bottle that is made of renewable sugarcane plastic ensuring maximum recyclability. Featuring a glorious lavender & geranium fragrance, this product will cleanse the sensitive scalp and fine hair that babies possess. In doing so, retaining moisture and leaving it soft and shiny. Apply during bath time, and rinse thoroughly to maximise effectiveness.

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