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Bach Flower Essence Cards 39 pack

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Bach Flower Essence Cards 39 pack


Are you looking for a present for your near and dear ones? Well the wait is over you can gift a bouquet full of 39 flowers with just one time investment. The Bach Flower Essence Cards which we provide are given with a detailed affirmations and remedy chart which you can follow and grow these plants at your place. This  would definitely make your place the most attractive of all others and even if you would want, anytime you could gift these beautiful flowers to your dear ones. These when planted would have a special aura of their own, so go and buy them now.


●        Can be used to gift someone

●        Can be used to decorate home

●        Has 39 packets with different types of flowers

●        Elegant and beautiful flowers

●        Will provide a special charm of your place


The pack has a detailed mentioning of the process.


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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●        Can be used to decorate the house.

●        Can be planted in the garden

●        Can be gifted to someone after bloom


It contains a set of  39 flower seeds each of which are different from the other