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Bach Flower Remedies Aspen 10ml


Bach Flower Remedies Aspen 10ml


In today's world, everyone has some or the other kind of anxiety. These anxieties, are a reason of either, a mental condition, a physical condition, the effects of drugs or maybe even a combination of these. The Bach Flower Remedies Aspen are used for treating these anxieties. It cures all types of vague, indefinable, anticipatory fear in the form of apprehension and anxiety. Problems such as nightmares, sleep walking/talking and the thought of being terrified about something bad and unknown is going to happen can be treated by this product. Thus, in short, it can be rightfully said that this remedy will help people with problems like anxieties to gain the feeling of positivity and optimism.


Can be used to treat anxieties

Can be used for bringing a feeling of optimism

Used as an anti stress agent

Used to cure nightmares.

Suggested Usage

Remedy for fear when the fear cannot be named.


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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●        Dairy free

●        Gluten free

●        Sulphate free

●        Vegetarian

●        Vegan friendly


Aspen Flower Essence, Brandy, Alcohol 40% vol