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Bach Flower Remedies Beech 10ml


Bach Flower Remedies Beech 10ml


Do you feel that sometimes you lose patience and face critical attitude? If yes, then this Bach Flower Remedies product is just for you. It teaches us to be understanding and tolerant. Though there isn’t any way to cure it all by a medicine or a remedy without self devotion and will, but this product will definitely help you to be more patient. These essence has been made by following the traditional methods of Dr. Edward Bach- preserved in French Organic Cognac with the flowers harvested from their regions. In England and Wales, the clear water and clean environment, is where this essence is made.


For better patience

Used as an anti stress agent

Used for better understanding amongst oneself


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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●        Dairy free

●        Gluten free

●        Sulphate free

●        Vegetarian

●        Vegan friendly


Contains 27% Alcohol