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Bamboo Cotton Buds

Why Go Bamboo Cotton Buds?

Bamboo cotton buds are a natural alternative to the plastic tipped cotton buds readily available in retail outlets.  These eco friendly alternatives are perfect for make up removal, cleaning tasks and a whole host of everyday uses. Choosing organic buds makes perfect sense for people looking to eliminate plastic from their lives.  These products are 100% biodegradable and manufactured from bamboo and cotton. They make the perfect addition to a home first aid kit or bathroom cabinet.

Benefits of Bamboo Cotton Buds

Using biodegradable bamboo cotton buds provides an opportunity for you to do your bit for the environment by reducing the use of plastic tipped cotton buds which often end up polluting sewers or landfill.  These eco friendly buds can be used in a variety of ways without affecting the environment. While cleaning out ears is not a recommended use of buds, they can be used for -:

  • Beauty touch ups – lips, eyelashes and nails all can benefit from appropriate use of cotton buds.   Similarly they can be used to help apply false eyelashes, clean out piercings and help touch up blemishes

  • Cleaning keyboards, spectacles, earphones, car air conditioning systems,

  • Polishing jewellery

  • Baby care – particularly cleaning feet and hands

  • First aid (cleaning cuts)

  • Art and craft

You can do all these things without harming the environment.

At Buy Organics Online you can purchase bamboo cotton buds Australia products that have been sourced from highly regarded suppliers within the organics industry.  Now is the time to rid your home of harmful plastic cotton buds and boost your personal hygiene- purchase the eco friendly alternative bamboo cotton buds from Buy Organics Online today.


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