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Barley Flour

Barley Flour

What Is Barley Flour?

Barley flour is made from ground and dried barley.  It is extensively used in the preparation of barley bread, yeast breads and flat bread.  This product can be divided into two categories – coarse and fine. Coarse flour is made using barley groats, while fine flour is made from milled pearl barley.  It is also used to create composite flour by adding it to wheat. This composite flour creates a darker baked product. Speciality foods like barley breading and barley crunch are also made from barley flour.

What is malted barley flour?

Malted barley flour is barley flour that has gone through a malting process designed to stimulate enzyme activity. The barley is allowed to germinate and then is steam dried and hulled before it is ground and finally sifted.

There are actually two varieties of malted barley flour. These are

  • Diastatic which is the more common variety. This is taste neutral and contains active enzymes making it a good baking choice.

  • Non diastatic, which does not have active enzymes, but does have flavour and is often used to glaze baked goods. It is sometimes referred to as malt powder.

How is barley flour made?

Barley flour is made by grinding barley. Barley groats are ground to make coarse barley flour while pearl barley is ground to make fine barley flour.

Barley Flour Benefits

Barley is recognized as being one of the best whole grain choices for nutrition. In comparison to other flours, organic barley flour is low in fat and carbohydrates while offering high fibre and mineral nutrition.  This change in diet can lead to significant benefits including:

  • High Fibre source – means more satisfying meals, less between meal cravings and more ability to control blood sugar levels

  • Improves digestion and enhances the regularity of bowel movements

  • Assists with weight loss by reducing hunger levels and absorbing starch at a slower pace

  • Its high levels of insoluble fibre limits the body’s ability to absorb cholesterol

  • Improved heart health – aside from reducing cholesterol, barley is known to help reduce high blood pressure, assist in arterial health, prevent harmful blood clotting and the prevention of plaque build up on arteries.

  • Source of antioxidants

How to use barley flour

Barley flour is often used as a wheat flour substitute and works really well on a 1:1 basis for such recipes as muffins, cookies or quick breads. It does not work as well for yeast breads as there simply is not enough gluten in barley flour to make the yeast rise. If using barley flour in these tyes of recipes, you will still have to use traditional flour, but can swap out about a quarter for barley flour. This will help to give the bread more fibre and contribute to a fuller more satisfied feeling.

Another use of barley flour is to help with skin whitening. A mixture of barley flour, rose water, lemon and honey can make a paste that will help with skin lightening and a smoother, creamier complexion.

Where to Buy Organic Barley Flour

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