Basik Quinoa Grain TriColour 700g x 6

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Basik Quinoa Grain TriColour 700g x 6


BasiK tricolor quinoa grains are made from the combination of real or white quinoa, red quinoa and black quinoa, which makes it, thanks to the properties of each, a great source of minerals and proteins. It is even a food with high iron content, thus, it is very helpful for the body functioning. It can be used instead of carbohydrates such as pasta and rice.


• Black quinoa is mixed with spinach, so it provides the body with the necessary iron.

• Its composition does not contain gluten, so it is ideal for celiac people.

• It has a low glycemic index that allows you to lose weight easily.


Mix one part of the grains with three parts of water and cook it. Then, you can consume it alone or as a companion to other preparations.




Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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• Low in sugar.

• High in iron.

• Does not contain added chemicals.

• It is low in sodium.

• Good source of fiber and protein.


Organic white quinoa (60%), organic red quinoa (25%), organic black quinoa (15%)