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BASS BRUSHES Bamboo Wood Hair Brush Large Oval 1

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BASS BRUSHES Bamboo Wood Hair Brush Large Oval 1


Detangle your hair in the most sustainable and eco friendly way. Comb your hair with Bass Brushes Bamboo Wood Hair Brush (Large Oval) that is made with bamboo wood to keep your hair shinier and healthier.  The bamboo bristles will help you spread the essential oils to each strand while detangling your hair gently. It comes with an easy to use handle to suit your daily needs.


  • Made with high quality bamboo bristles that are really beneficial for scalp health.
  • Bamboo bristles keeps the hair healthy, shiny and strong.
  • Massaging with a bamboo brush improves the blood circulation
  • Easy to handle brush


Comb your hair wet/dry or while blow drying. The bristles are made with bamboo wood so can resist the heat.


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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  • Eco friendly
  • Made with high quality bamboo
  • Bamboo bristles and large oval shape
  • Biodegradable


Bamboo handle and bristles