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Beans Borlotti Organic (canned) 400g Global Organics

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KAD - 201811

GLOBAL ORGANICSBeans Borlotti Organic (canned) 400g Buy Online


GLOBAL ORGANICS Beans Borlotti Organic (canned)


Possessing an extremely high content of potassium, B vitamin folate and very little sodium, borlotti beans are tremendously beneficial for the health-conscious consumer. The presence of folate eases hypertension and relaxes blood vessels while ensuring proper blood flow. While the high level of potassium can provide relief from anxiety and stress, while reducing the risk of stroke and heart and kidney disorders.

Organic Borlotti Beans 400g is another one of the many great Global Organics products available to purchase right now. Made in Italy from local and important Ingredients this product will give you the fuel required to get through a busy day. Hugely nutritious and wonderfully delicious when added to soups, pastas and casseroles, this product comes in a BPA free, ring pull can for easy use. Certified organic, this product is non-GMO, low GI and contains no sugar, artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.

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Borlotti beans* (60%), water, sea salt. *Certified organic.