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Bennetto Chocolate

Bennetto Chocolate

What is Bennetto Chocolate?

According to the company website, Bennetto chocolate is a small company competing in the massive and hugely competitive world of chocolate. Bennetto chocolate has a very clear idea of who they are, where they stand and what makes their products special in the world of chocolate. 

Bennetto chocolates are produced by the Bennetto Natural Foods Company which was founded by Lucy Bennetto in 2010. Lucy is a former kindergarten teacher who loves natural food and she is the driving force behind Bennetto chocolate.

Lucy became quite disturbed by the non-ethical practices prevalent in  chocolate production, so she set about creating a viable ethical alternative chocolate. The result is a complete range of fairtrade, organic vegan friendly chocolate that directly supports Peruvian growers and communities. And to top it all off, Bennetto chocolate offsets its carbon footprint by engaging in a rigorous tree planting programme. .

Bennetto chocolate is truly a breath of fresh air in the chocolate making business. As thor website proudly proclaims that they like doing things differently, love innovation, create new original flavours and enjoy all things natural and edible and they don’t add things that have no right to be there.

Key Features and Benefits of Bennetto Chocolate 

  • Chocolate made by Swiss chocolatiers.

  • Available in 30g and 100g size bars.

  • Exciting range of original flavours to tempt your taste buds including Orange with Chilli, Toasted Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Mint and Cocoa and Dark Chocolate Raspberry

  • Grown organically, making it an ethical choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. Bennetto chocolate’s key ingredient is certified organic cocoa.

  • 100% free from milk solids, honey or any other animal derived products making it Vegan friendly.

  • The Bennetto Natural Foods Company is fully committed to ethical production and fair trade principles. They ensure that small-scale cocoa farmers are  paid fairly.

  • Eye catching packaging- featuring  delicate illustrations 

  • Unusual mouth watering flavours 

Is Bennetto Chocolate gluten free?

While the company makes no gluten free claims, a quick perusal of ingredients for bennetto chocolate bars reveals that the ingredients used are cocoa, cane sugar and cocoa butter plus whatever natural flavours they choose to add to the chocolate. This would appear to indicate that the products are gluten free although it is recommended that you check packing first.

Where can I buy Bennetto Chocolate?

If you have been looking for the best healthy bennetto chocolate Australia site then look no further than Buy Organics Online. Get your Bennetto chocolate-buy your supply from Buy Organics Online and enjoy the delicious ethical taste of fairtrade chocolate. 

Bennetto Chocolate reviews?

Finding Bennetto chocolate reviews is not an easy task. This boutique chocolate is growing in popularity but is still largely a secret beyond New Zealand’s shores. A quick review of popular New Zealand consumer review site Kiwi Reviews reveals that the various types of Bennetto chocolate all enjoy very favourable reviews. At the time of writing, Bennetto dark chocolate mini bars were enjoying an average rating of 8.7 stars out of 10, while products listed at Amazon have minimal reviews, but those that are ranked are receiving five star ratings.


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