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Berringa Eucalyptus Honey Raw Organic 500g


Bees make honey from a very wide variety of flowers, amongst them Eucalyptus, which are of course native plants of Australia.

As with all products in our honey ranges, we let the bees and nature do the work, carefully managed by expert apiarists.
The result, Berringa Eucalyptus or Raw Honey, is uniquely flavoursome and available 500g and 1kg jars.

Berringa Raw Organic Eucalyptus Honey 500 g

Only sourced from Australian beekeepers, Berringa's Eucalyptus is raw single filtered, cold extracted honey, which means minimal processing and a better taste. Guaranteed to be Australian certified organic, can be sure of the purity and superior quality of our honey. Taste it and experience the difference. Available in 500 g bottle.


  • Golden in colour with a delicately sweet taste and subtle floral aroma
  • Perfect for everyday use and is delicious in taste
  • Used as an ingredient in cooking or as an additive to other foods and drinks
  • Collected from areas where no chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides used
  • Suitable for vegetarians and organic


100% Pure Unfiltered Certified Organic Honey.