Blackmores Kaloba 20ml

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Blackmores Kaloba 20ml


Blackmores Kaloba® is a registered, plant-based medicine for acute bronchitis.

Blackmores Kaloba® is an AUST-R, clinically proven extract of Pelargonium sidoides.

Kaloba® has been extensively studied. Studies done on patients with acute bronchitis and acute sinusitis have shown that Kaloba® helps to reduce the severity of symptoms and reduce recovery times.

Not only has Kaloba® been clinically proven to help provide relief of acute bronchitis symptoms after 7 days (45% of the patients taking Kaloba® experienced recovery after 7 days compared to 6.4% taking a placebo), it can help speed up recovery too.

Positive Outcomes

  • Helps reduce recovery time and symptoms of acute bronchitis

  • AUST-R complementary medicine

  • Children’s doses* for acute bronchitis

  • Well-tolerated and suitable for family members over 2 years old with acute bronchitis*

  • Convenient drop dosage