Blooms GingerCalm 1000 Travel Pack 15vc

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Blooms GingerCalm 1000 Travel Pack 15vc


Ginger is used in traditional Japanese Kampo, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory. It has an affinity with the gastrointestinal system, relieving indigestion and nausea, and also the circulatory system having a warming effect.

Gastrointestinal: Blooms GingerCalm 1000 is traditionally used as a carminative for the gastrointestinal system, having a beneficial effect on the stomach and:

  • Can relieve the symptoms of motion sickness/travel sickness/ sea sickness 
  • Can help relieve nausea associated with pregnancy and morning sickness 
  • May help relieve the symptoms of nausea and loss of appetite 
  • May help relieve colic and flatulent dyspepsia (wind and indigestion)

Circulatory and musculoskeletal support: Blooms GingerCalm 1000 is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb with a warming/diaphoretic effect that can assist circulation and the musculoskeletal system in the following ways:

  • Helps stimulate peripheral circulation (blood flow to the edges of the body including the hands and feet) 
  • May reduce post exercise muscle inflammation 
  • May reduce exercise induced muscle pain 
  • Traditionally used as a diaphoretic and spasmolytic