Blooms Odourless Natural Fish Oil 1000mg 200c

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Blooms Odourless Natural Fish Oil 1000mg 200c


Fish oils are the main sources of the Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Omega-3s are very important as the body can't produce these and only obtains them from the diet. Cold water fish such as herring, kipper, mackerel, pilchard, salmon, sardine, and trout are rich sources of these omega-3s.

Blooms Omega 3 Natural Fish Oil is the catch of the day for VALUE:

  • Helps maintain normal healthy brain function and relieve headaches 
  • Helps heart function, maintaining normal healthy blood triglyceride levels and blood pressure in normal healthy individuals 
  • Provides temporary relief from the symptoms of arthritis including tender joints and morning stiffness 
  • Even helps support healthy eyes and skin

As the brain is made up of around 10% fat, a diet that is low in Omega-3s may affect the fatty acid composition of cells in the brain which may alter their function. EPA and DHA have anti-inflammatory activity by reducing the synthesis of prostaglandins and inflammatory cytokines. Omega-3 has also been recognised in assisting with the relief of headache, chronic fatigue syndrome and ringing in the ears (tinnitus).