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Body Balm

Body Balm

What is Body Balm?

A body balm is much like a body lotion or body cream in as much as that it is designed to hydrate, treat and repair dry skin. A body balm generally is free form water and has been made with an oil or beeswax base.

How do you use Body Balm?

Body balm can be used anywhere on the body. Popular areas include hands, feet, hair, elbows, and dry lips.

Body balm is best applied to damp skin after a bath or shower. This will help to lock in moisture. To apply, pat the intended area of skin care with a towel and then apply a thin layer of balm. Balm can also be applied to chapped lips using the fingertips. 

Body balm is to be used in a variety of ways some of which may surprise you These include -:

  • Facial moisturiser - when a body balm is non-comedogenic it can be applied directly to the face as a spot treatment for dryness before makeup, or at night before bed. A little goes a long way. Balms are particularly good for individuals with normal to dry skin.

  • Hair and scalp conditioner

  • Insect repellent-body balms contain essential oils such as lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus which are effective insect repellents.

  • Body balm can soften and protect nails.

  • Barrier balm can be used while gardening or doing dishes to guard  skin and nails from harsh chemicals. 

  • Alternative lubricant to synthetic lubricants. Can be used to relieve such skin irritants as chafing, nappy rash, and various other skin conditions. 

  • Skin Soother to treat insect bites, athlete’s foot and other minor skin irritations.

Which is better balm or lotion?

Choosing between a body lotion and body balm will boil down to personal choice, However, a balm is thicker in consistency, making it more soothing and potentially a better choice to treat dry skin. An added advantage of body balm is that a body balm recipe is not water based and does not contain alcohol which can contribute to skin dryness.

Is Body Balm the same as lotion?

Body balm is thicker than body lotion and is not water based. It is generally more soothing than body lotion.

Where to buy Body Balm in Australia?

If you have been looking to buy body balm that has been formulated using organic natural products that will soothe and nourish the skin then you will find all you need at Buy Organics Online. Choose the very best organic body balm products available from our range of carefully selected products and choose a body balm that will care for your skin naturally. Get your supply from Buy Organics Online today. 

Body Balm reviews?

If you spend a little time browsing online you will discover many body balm reviews for a range of natural and synthetic products. When choosing  a body balm it pays to choose one that is made from natural products that will nourish your skin. The organic body balm products available through Buy Organics Online are widely appreciated by their users and meet the needs of those who are cautious of synthetic products.


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