Brahmi Tea Bags 25 Bags By Planet Organic

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Planet Organic Brahmi Tea Bags 25 Bags - Buy Online

Planet Organic places a specific focus on providing the people of Australia with high quality organic products that are produced in a manner that is considerate of not only the health of the individual but other the Earth as well. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, planet organic products are produced in a purpose-built establishment on the Sunshine Coast where care is taken to ensure that the items created are done so with the upmost organic integrity.

Brahmi tea is shipped from Planet Organic in a package of 25 tea bags. The benefits of consuming Brahmi are very advantageous for the health-conscious individual. The strength of this form of tea is its ability to enhance the connection between neurons meaning that it stimulates the brain. The health benefits of Brahmi tea include an improvement in brain function and memory as well as a reduction in stress and depression.

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