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Bounce Balls- Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good

Bounce ball was founded in 2004 by health and fitness expect Paula and Andy Hannagan, frustrated with the low availability of healthy nutrition rich food in the market they introduced their first Peanut Natural Energy Ball.  

Core concept behind the formation of the Bounce Balls was very clear, this Australian couple was focused to provide a nutritious snack item that is easy to carry and can provide a spike in energy levels.

Using only high-quality natural ingredients, Paula and Andy created a range of energy balls and bars that can satisfy the immediate hunger without affecting the fitness goal of the individual.

Why Bounce Protein Balls

Advocates have suggested that bounce protein balls can benefit the consumers in the following ways:

  • These protein balls are created with 100% clean nutrition, with no added sugar or preservative.

  • All the products are derived from high-quality natural ingredients and they are made gluten-free.

  • These energy balls are created with the recommended balance of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats, which makes it a top choice to cure hunger and provide nutrition to the body.

  • Bounce energy balls are vegan-friendly,  some of the range of products is created while keeping vegans in mind, some variety does not contain pea and brown rice instead of whey protein.

  • While most of the energy bars contain palm oil and GMO substances to increase the nutritional values, Bounce protein ball products do not contain GMO or palm oil, which make it healthy for the body.  

  • The company does not advertise the product for weight loss but these protein balls restrain the individual from consuming any junk food which helps in maintaining healthy body weight.

Bounce Balls Australia

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