Buckwheat Flour 500gr By Pure Food Essentials

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Emanating from the Punjabi region of India comes Pure Food Essentials’ Buckwheat Flour 500g. Containing a strong, distinct and slightly nutty flavor this product is a great gluten-free option for celiac disease sufferers. An alternative to white flour, Buckwheat flour is high in fiber and high in protein whilst also rich in vitamins and minerals. Do not be confused by the name! This product is ideal for those with wheat allergies as it is not technically a wheat product.

Belonging to the same family as sorrel and rhubarb this cold climate plant can lend itself to many delicious meal created in the family kitchen. Use Buckwheat Flour to its full potential when making the kids pancakes on a weekend morning. An ideal ingredient in quick breads, it also aids in the creation of delicious scones, muffins and banana bread.

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PURE FOOD ESSENTIALS Buckwheat Flour 500g