Buckwheat Flour Australian Grown 1kg by BLANCK & CO. FOOD SUPPLY


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Buckwheat Flour Australian Grown 1kg by BLANCK & CO. FOOD SUPPLY 

Buckwheat Flour 1kg by Blanck & Co. is 100% Australian grown and is a gluten- free alternative to white flour that the entire family can enjoy. This vegan-friendly product is low GI, high in magnesium and rich in many vitamins and minerals key to leaving a healthy, balanced lifestyle. High in both protein and fibre and low in calories this product is an increasingly popular option in most health food stores.

The brilliance of buckwheat flour lies in its usefulness in making breads, pancakes, scones and muffins. Yet due to having less carbohydrates than traditional white flour it is a healthier option to those watching their figure or unable to traditional indulge in such foods due to a gluten intolerance. Buckwheat flour is also a handy product to use instead of rice and can be used to make porridge.

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