Buckwheat Flour Australian Grown 500g by BLANCK & CO. FOOD SUPPLY


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Buckwheat Flour Australian Grown 500g by BLANCK & CO. FOOD SUPPLY 

Buckwheat Flour 500g by Blanck & Co. is a wonderful alternative to white flour that can be used in many of your favourite Australian meals. Australian grown and gluten-free this product is the ideal choice for those suffering from wheat allergies or simply looking for a healthier alternative to white flour. Rich in vitamins and minerals and high in both fiber and protein, Buckwheat Flour is a wonderful addition to the kitchen pantry for the health-conscious. It’s strong, distinct nutty flavor adds taste to any number of meals that will ensure those consuming will be in no mood to complain.

Whilst most commonly used in combination with other gluten-free flour products to bake quick breads, buckwheat flour is a wonderful ingredient in stir fry’s, soups and porridges. Additionally it helps make a delicious pancake and is commonly used in the creation of scones, muffins and banana breads.

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