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Cabot Health Nature Sweet (Natural Sugar Substitute) 100g


Cabot Health Nature Sweet (Natural Sugar Substitute) 100g

Natural Sweet Sugar Substitute is a 100% natural alternative to sugar. Nature Sweet contains sugar alcohols, which are naturally found in many fruits and vegetables. They are sweet like sugar but do not cause spikes in blood glucose levels, cravings or binge eating like sugar does. They are suitable for those with diabetes, insulin resistance or those trying to lose weight. Nature Sweet contains only a fraction of the calories of sugar.


Nature Sweet contains:
Maltitol - A sugar alcohol derived from tapioca that has 70-90% the sweetness of sugar. It is not broken down by bacteria in the mount and therefore does not contribute to tooth decay.
Erythritol - Naturally found in fruits and vegetables, this sugar alcohol has 60-70% the sweetness of sugar. It has almost zero calories, does not affect blood sugar levels and is protective against dental cavities.
Inulin - A prebiotic soluble fibre naturally derived from chicory root. It provides food for the good bacteria in the large intestine and promotes good gut health.
Stevia - A herb that has roughly 300 times the sweetness of sugar. It is calorie-free and has no effect on blood sugar levels.

Note: Unlike their name suggests, sugar alcohols don't actually contain any alcohol (ethanol) and definitely cannot make you drunk. They are natural sweet substances derived from plant sources that can be added to food and beverages to make them sweeter.

The benefits of Nature Sweet:
100% natural.
Only 3.69 calories per serve.
Less than 1g of carbs per serve.
Protective against tooth decay.
May improve gut health.
Does not spike blood sugar.
Low GI (glycemic index).
Ideal for use during weight loss programs.
Perfect for diabetics and those with Syndrome X.
Easy to use in tea, coffee, cooking and baking.
Free from gluten, dairy, additives and preservatives.

Signs that you should quit sugar:
Sugar cravings.
Excess weight around the abdomen.
Insulin resistance.
High blood pressure.
Dental cavities.
Abdominal bloating.


Maltitol, Erythritol, Inulin and Stevia extract.

Dose & Administration:

As Nature Sweet is slightly sweeter than sugar, use 1/4 of a teaspoon or to taste. Ideal for use in hot or cold beverages, with cereal or in cooking.


  • Avoid in cases of known allergy to any component.
  • Inulin is derived from chicory.

Storage Conditions:

Store below 30°C.