Cacao Beans

What are Cacao beans?

Cacao beans come from the Cacao plant, an evergreen plant grown in South America that is the source for all forms of chocolate available today. Cacao is the natural product produced by the plant. Raw cacao beans are not to be confused with cocoa which is a powdered form of cacao that has been subjected to intense heat and has much of its goodness removed from the product. Raw organic cacao beans have been grown and harvested naturally without the use of insecticides or other contaminants. Cacao nibs are cacao beans that have been chopped into smaller pieces.

Organic cacao beans can be used in a variety of ways including:

The benefits of cacao beans raw

While you may be aware of the nutritional benefits of cocoa, these are relatively small when compared to the raw product.  Both cocoa and cacao are excellent sources of fibre, but the processing of cocoa removes some of the natural goodness that cacao holds. Incorporating cacao beans raw into your diet will help you to tap into these benefits:

Where to buy raw cacao beans Australia can rely on

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